Finland 2004

Dream or memory

19 min

Direction, script,  photography, animations, editing: Leena  Nylander

Music, sound, sound  editing: Jarmo Kähkönen


Eija Kankaanranta …kantele

Jarmo Kähkönen …viola

Saana Kähkönen …violin

Kari Räsänen … double-bass

Mea Kähkönen …violoncello


Production: Leena Nylander, Jarmo Kähkönen

Distribution: Leena Nylander, Jarmo Kähkönen

World sales:


Dream or memory video picks up landscapes

and buildings from the side of the road on the way from Sortavala to Petroskoi.

In similar sights my parent  begun their life journey together. -Wedding celebration

lastet for two weeks, days were work and nights dance, as my mother told.
Ubuntu - an African way of life - could be
Africa’s aid to the rest of the world,
an African archbishop Tutu has said. What could be our, who life behind the
wolfline, gift to each other? Who tells us our value if we aren’t able to see?
Dream or memory is a combination of video, animation and music. And they are
all present- the pain of loosing, joy, uncertain future and moment’s
Video is dedicated to the watermirrors on a bumpy road. Perhaps the idea is not
only in the landscape itself. Sitting on my father’s knee, hopping up and down
and a song- Show me...your eyes, are they bright...up and down ever more
watching surrounding people.
-Go on, tell me already! Are they or not? Be sure to see just how bright