Path in the heart of the city
Occasions open to public
Bar Vakiopaine, Kauppakatu 6, Jyväskylä
Wed 2.8.
13.00   Multimedia performances by artists
14.00   Seminar on environmental art:
        Speeches by curators and artists
        Open discussion about the meaning and contents of environmental
17.00   Opening of the exhibition ”Journey to the past”
Sun 6.8.
19-21     Workshop on the Hiroshima Memorial, Kinakuja Bridge
21-21.30  Hiroshima Memorial Happening, Kinakuja Bridge and surroundings
Thu 10.8.
14-16   Opening of the environmental artwork, Kinakuja Bridge
Mon – Thu 7.-10.8.
approx. 10-17  Artists are working by the river, spectators welcomed.
Journey Home Project 2005 – 2007
The theme of the project is home in different times, its historical
meaning and its meaning now. We get to know various housing environments
and architecture in Finland and Russia. The project consists of seminars,
workshops and exhibitions in both countries.
The Colors of Vodlozero, workshop on environmental art, Vodlozero national
park, Republic of Carelia, Russia 2005
Path in the heart of the city, workshop on environmental art, Jyväskylä,
Finland 2006-07-29
Workshop on environmental art, Eno, Finland 2007
Exhibitions, Art Museum, Novgorod and Art Hall, Petrozavodsk, 2007