luumun kukkaLeena Nylander, artist printmaker, media-artist
luun kukka
Plum Tree - photomontages 
  October 2 - October 30. 2006
  Cafe Nordica - Scandinavian House
    Zlatnická 10, Prague1, Czech Republic

   In my show  I want the viewer to step aside, to feel both the darkness and the  brightness of  life.  The  plum  tree  in the  focus - is telling us how important it is to see something to stay in a place and grow. 
in Finnish

In Opening 3.10
at 6:30 pa.

Leena Nylander
printmaker, media-artist
As an artist I want tofind Visionary evidences - all dimensions in past and
presence. That´s why I like
 to make pictures, videos
and literary texts with a
special typography.
I am the member
of the Association of Finnish Printmakers.
Plum tree niina poimii