Lithos Wings Sea apologizes Twice dead Dancing home
Happy people are never called courageous
 Kahdesti kuollut, kivilitografia,  Twice dead, stonelithography, koko/size a' 50x40cm

Aeschylus: Aganemnon, 1296 - 1321

CHORUS. Miserable miserable woman, but also wise.
         You have spoken at length. But if you know
         The truth about your death, why are you not
         Afraid, like an ox drinen by a god
         You tread so boldly to the altar?
KASSANDRA. Strangers, there's no way out and no more time.
CHORUS. But you would have the best of it, if you were last.
KASSANDRA. The day is here. I won't go far if I run.
CHORUS. You can endure, because you are courageous.
KASSANDRA. Happy people are never called courageous.
CHORUS. To die and be famous is a gift for mortals.
KASSANDRA. No! father,no! You - and your children.
CHORUS. What do you want? What fear makes you turn away?
KASSANDRA. ( utters a guttural sound).
CHORUS. Why do you terch? What horror is in your mood.
KASSANDRA. The house is breathing murder, and drips blood.
CHORUS. How's this? Do you smell the sacriface at the hearth.
KASSANDRA. It stands out exactly like the smoke at the grave.
CHORUS. You're not speaking about a Syrian incense.
KASSANDRA. I'll go to the house and shriek about our fate,
         Aganemnon's and mine. The life I've had
         Will have to do. Oh strangers! I'm not a bird
         In a shrub, I moan "oh me..." from fear. Remember
         Me when I am dead. One woman dies
         For another; another man falls for an ill-wedded man.
         I am suppliant about the die.